Eitri Welcomes Movelio

Movelio - our latest member at our medical incubator

Today, we're excited to introduce Movelio, the newest member of the Eitri family. Under the guidance of Ådne Høiland, Eitri continues to transform innovative health solutions into reality.

Movelio, led by Christopher Scheiene, brings us the Movelio Bed Roller™, set to redefine back pain management. Scheiene adds; “Being incubated by Eitri is a testament to our company, product, and vision for better homecare solutions.” 

Eitri medical Incubator

Eitri is situated at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen, Norway, a prime location for medical innovation and research. Being part of Eitri’s vibrant ecosystem, Movelio will leverage collaborative opportunities to enhance their development and impact in the field of back pain solutions. 

A Note from Ådne Høiland

“Back pain affects millions worldwide, presenting a clear need for more effective solutions. We are thrilled to have Movelio as part of our incubator. Their innovative approach and commitment to solving a widespread health issue align with our mission at Eitri. I look forward to seeing the positive changes the Movelio Bed Roller will bring to those suffering from back pain."

Ådne Høiland and Christopher Scheiene

Ådne Høiland / Christopher Scheiene

Director, Eitri / CEO, Movelio

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