A Mentor's Perspective: Anders Estes Jacobsen and the Rise of Movelio

Anders Estes Jacobsen has extensive experience with startups and mentorship. His impressive background includes mentoring 13 startups. Furthermore, he has broad experience in sales and marketing. Jacobsen has also established four companies, with one of them becoming publicly traded.

In his latest endeavor, he steps into the role of a mentor for Movelio, aligning with founder Christopher Scheiene to propel the Movelio Bed Roller into the forefront of back pain solutions for home use.

This collaboration emerged from Movelio's participation in Gründer Academy, which was facilitated by VIS. As someone who has helped many startups succeed, Jacobsen has an insight into what qualities a founder needs.

Why I Believe in the Bed Roller

I like the Bed Roller for a few simple reasons:

  • It Works: I believe in this product because of its design and simplicity. It's easy to visualize its power and comfort with testimonials to prove it.
  • Easy to Use: You don't need special skills or knowledge to start getting relief from your pain - all while you are in a relaxed state.
  • Saves Time and Money: I'm a believer in homecare. This means they can spend less on treatments and have more free time.
  • Created with Care: The Bed Roller was made to help people and made by people who want to make a difference. That matters a lot to me.

Put simply, I like the Movelio's product because it effectively helps everyday people with back pain, it's user-friendly, economical, and made with genuine care and purpose.

A Personal Endorsement from Anders Estes Jacobsen

"I joined Movelio and the Bed Roller project because the product is interesting and I believe in its creator, Christopher Scheiene.

Scheiene's unstoppable determination, boundless creativity, and steady progress are key qualities of a great founder. Christopher has demonstrated he is well-prepared, organized, and always on top of things.

I stand with Movelio and Christopher because I believe in the product, his vision, and his actions.”

Join the Movement 

The Movelio Bed Roller launch is a big moment for people looking for new ways to ease their back pain. With help from mentors like Anders, Movelio is further strengthened to offer a chance for those with back pain to live better and fuller lives.


Anders Estes Jacobsen

Mentor for Movelio

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