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World's Most Powerful Back pain Treatment massager

World's most powerful back pain massager

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Movelio Bed Roller Capabilities 

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Upper & Lower Back

The Bed Roller targets the upper and lower back with precision.

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Glutes & Thighs

Eases muscle strain in your thighs and gluts, reducing back pain.

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Light or Deep Impact

Use the Bed Roller and progress deeper for optimal pain relief.

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Joint Manipulation

Experience joint manipulation for effective relief of back pain.


The Movelio Bed Roller™

Looking for chronic pain relief?

The Movelio Bed Roller™

Have you been searching for an effective back pain relief solution without the drawbacks?

You're not alone!

Meet the Movelio Bed Roller - the worlds most powerful and comprehensive back pain massager for home use.

The Bed Roller combines powerful performance with straightforward operation, focusing on the root cause of back pain rather than just treating symptoms.

Our Story

Developed by CEO Christopher Scheiene, the Bed Roller was created with the aim of providing a home solution for back pain, eliminating the necessity for costly treatments. It also proved to be a groundbreaking innovation in the home massage sector confirmed by our pilot customers. 

Quality approved by our physiotherapist Stian Engum, we discovered the Bed Roller can greatly benefit millions around the world in a safe and effective manner.

With the backing from Innovation Norway - Movelio Bed Roller was born.

Our Commitment for Back Pain Relief

The holistic capabillity of the Movelio Bed Roller provides the lasting back pain relief you are looking for.

Pliot Test

The pilot test was a crucial phase in our project, designed to rigorously evaluate the efficacy and user experience of the Movelio Bed Roller. By engaging a select group of individuals experiencing back problems, we aimed to gather invaluable feedback on the product's performance, usability, and potential market acceptance.

This testing phase allowed us to directly observe the product's impact on real-world problems, facilitating future improvements. Through this process, we sought to refine our product to better meet the needs of our target audience, ensuring that it not only addressed their pain points effectively but also offered an intuitive and satisfactory user experience. The pilot test stood as a foundational step towards achieving our goal of bringing a highly effective and user-friendly solution to market, one that could potentially redefine the approach to self-managed back care.

Pliot Test Results

Replace Expensive Therapy



Immediate Pain Releif



Best Product for Home Use



Reviews from our Pilot Test
Movelio reviews

The Bed Roller is user-friendly and has had a positive impact on my back pain. I would recommend this to others.

Monica P.

back pain relief Movelio reviews

Movelio's Bed Roller will vastly simplify my daily back pain relief morning routine.

Thomas B S.

back pain relief Movelio reviews

The Bed Roller surpasses other home back pain remedies. I believe it will significantly ease pain and stiffness.

Mette L.

back pain relief Movelio reviews

The Bed Roller is user-friendly and I'm confident it'll assist with my back issues.

Stian S.

back pain relief Movelio reviews

 The Movelio Bed Roller is really easy and pleasant to use.

Vidar G F.

back pain relief Movelio reviews

The Bed Roller adapts to my needs and it's easy to use by myself.

Torjus K.

back pain relief Movelio reviews

Movelio Bed Roller makes it easy to treat back pain and I can't wait to see it on the market.

Alexander A.

Movelio's Back Pain Massager Highlights

Deep Tissue 

Penetrates deeply into hard-to-reach areas with relaxed.

Broad coverage

Entire back coverage including hip flexor, glutes and spinal manipulation.

User Comfort

Intuitive design promoting muscle relaxation and user controlled intensity.

 Team Movelio 

Christopher Scheiene

Founder and CEO


Stian Engum

Physiotherapist and SME


Lilia Olsen

CFO and accountant

Launching On Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to bring their innovative ideas to life.

If you believe in our project, please financially support us in exchange for the Movelio Bed Roller.

Our backers on Kickstarter helps us to turn the Bed Roller into reality.

About Us

Screenshot 2024-02-15 12.55.26.png__PID:a3bec6c7-d6e8-418a-b847-511583fa161d
About movilio massager
About Movelio  
Screenshot 2024-02-15 12.55.26.png__PID:a3bec6c7-d6e8-418a-b847-511583fa161d

Movelio is incubated by Eirti at the University Hospital of Bergen, Norway.

Eiri provides support for the development and growth of projects or startups focused on healthcare innovations.

The University Hospital of Bergen, known for its comprehensive medical services and research, offers an ideal ecosystem for Movelio's Bed Roller.

This partnership provides access to a wealth of clinical knowledge, research facilities, and a network of healthcare professionals in the medical field.

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