Movelio Bed Roller™


Trond Hagen

State-Approved Physiotherapist
Trond O Hagen Fysioterapi

Movelio Bed Roller™

I have tested the Movelio’s massager at my clinic, and as an experienced physiotherapist in treating patients with back and neck pain, I was positively surprised. The product has an efficiency and user-friendliness that surpasses all products for massage and mobilization of the back that I have come across in my over 35 years of working as a physiotherapist.

Movelio's invention is an effective tool for both private individuals who struggle with particularly back and neck problems and professional therapists who treat the musculoskeletal system. It provides efficient and comfortable massage of tired and sore back muscles while mobilizing the joints along the entire spine. Especially effective for softening a stiff thoracic spine and countering a hunched back with a backward-bent neck and neck wear. In today's society with a lot of sitting still, this is a risk most of us are exposed to. Also ideal for stimulating blood circulation and the recovery of the back after a workout.

The Bed Roller's ease of use stands out with an impressively powerful massage and mobilization of the entire back, while being gentle. The device can be adapted to individual needs, which is an important aspect, as some need milder treatment and others deeper massage. The treatment is carried out while one is relaxed in the muscles, which contributes to optimal effect.

Movelio sets a new standard for massage devices for both home use and professional treatment of back pain.

I highly recommend Movelio’s Bed Roller to both private individuals, businesses, and professional practitioners and will myself use this device extensively in my clinic.

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