Hoang Minh Trinh: My Story with Movelio and the Bed Roller

My name is Hoang Minh Trinh, and I'd like to share my story of working with the promising Norwegian startup Movelio.

As I have a passion for sports and fitness, in addition to business and startups, I was happy to assist as their lead mentor. I currently lead the Ventures department at the digital agency Agens, helping tech entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Basketball and Fitness: The Foundation

Growing up, basketball was a passion that taught me about teamwork, discipline, responsibility and personal development. This love for the game naturally led me to become a personal trainer and instructor, where I learned the significance of physical well-being. I have even built a home gym, so I can honestly say I'm passionate about fitness and health. 

Movelio and the Bed Roller: A Personal Connection

My involvement with Movelio is not just about advising a promising startup with a great potential, but its product also aligns with my interests. The Movelio Bed Roller, a product I've had the pleasure of testing, was a perfect match for me, as it helps me alleviate muscle pain and tension in a unique way, which again increases my flexibility, performance and overall well-being.


Testing the Movelio Bed Roller

When I met the founder and CEO of Movelio, Christopher Scheiene, I found myself using the Bed Roller during our entire meeting. Christopher saw this as a great endorsement of his product and was cool with it. As It was effortless and relaxing to use, we continued our conversation at the same time I was doing exercises to relieve back pain. A meeting I’ll never forget!

The Movelio Bed Roller exemplifies innovation that complements an active lifestyle even if its target market is back pain sufferers. I see it as a perfect addition to my home gym, as I believe it will benefit my training, recovery, performance and overall well-being.

Hoangs personal gym

Its design and utility make the Movelio Bed Roller an excellent fit for those who value a healthy lifestyle, but are also mindful of the space and practicality of workout equipment.

As a professional trainer and experienced founder, I can say that the Movelio Bed Roller should be of interest for athletes, health and wellness enthusiasts, as well as back pain sufferers.

Hoang Minh Trinh

Head of Ventures - Agnes
Lead Mentor - Movelio


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