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Explore investment opportunities in Movelio, a rising Norwegian startup revolutionizing back pain relief. Become a seed investor and shape healthcare's future with our innovative Bed Roller. Uncover the potential of a growing market with Movelio, pioneers in health tech.

Movelio Bed Roller™ will change how we treat back pain forever

Stage: Pre-seed / seed
Industry: HealthTech / MedTech
Market Size: $9,2 Billion (+$117 Bn)
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About us

A team that executes and delivers

Christopher Scheiene

Christopher Scheiene

Founder, CEO/CTO
Inventor and executor

Stian Engum, Physiotherapist and SME

Stian Engum

Subject Matter Expert
Physiotherapist and advisor

Lilia Olsen

Lilia Olsen 

Accountant and advisor

Current status

  • Fully working prototype
  • Production-ready
  • Global reach strategy
  • Fast-track to market strategy
  • Customer feedback complete
  • Gründer Academy finalist
  • Supported by Innovation Norway
  • Member of Norwegian Smart Care Cluster
  • Incubator at Eiri Medical Incubator
  • Strong partnerships


90% of back pain cases are chronic, as conventional treatments and methodologies have predominantly been unsuccessful in providing lasting relief.


With unparalleled power and simplicity, we offer a transformative solution for deep and lasting relief. 80% of our customers believe our product can replace physiotherapy or similar.


Back pain massager is a $9.2 billion business and forecasted to grow at 7.2% annually (CAGR). The physiotherapy market value is $117.6 billion (2021).


Functional prototype with real user feedback. Overcoming critical technical and production cost-saving initiatives, making us ready for production.

Revenue Model

Crowdfunding, then D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) and retail. Other products will be considered.

Competitive Advantage

A product combining unrivaled power, versatility, and ease of use for true deep tissue massage and joint manipulation. Lean and smart company structure.


  • “Really exciting and versatile”
  • “A product for everyone”
  • “Easy to use”
  • “Nothing about this product I don't like”
  • “For anyone with back pain”
  • “Definitely buy and recommend this product to others”

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